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The TWT gorup is specialized in direct numerical simulations (DNS) of turbulent flows and non-linear wave systems. Both the Eulerian (field) properties of such systems as well as their Lagrangian (particle transport) ones are studied.
Some of the main topics investigated are
– two-dimensional and three-dimensional Navier-Stokes turbulence
– the transport of particles and fields (both active and passive) by fluid flow, including inertial particles, temperature (thermal convection) and polymers.
– non-linear waves in oceanography and optics
– interaction of behaviour and hydrodynamics in the motion of aquatic microorganisms (in particular, phytoplankton)

The TWT group¬† is part of the national INFN “iniziativa specifica” FieldTurb, focusing on the problem of “Particles and Fields” transported by –and reacting with– turbulent flows and complex multi-component/multi-phase fluids.




Guido Boffetta

Miguel Onorato

Filippo De Lillo

Stefano Musacchio

PhD students

Lorenzo Pistone

Leonardo Puggioni

Francesco Toselli

PostDoc – PostGrad collaborators

Matteo Borgnino

Francesco De Vita

Marta Magnani



Alessandro Sozza